Will I be charged after 14 days?

No, we only charge a one time payment to create your store. If you wish to continue using Shopify after 14 days you will need to pay for a shopify plan directly with shopify.

Can customers use domain bought outside Shopify?

Yes. You can simply add your own domain once you have your store in the shopify dashboard. You can either buy your own custom domain or buy one directly through shopify.

Will you provide marketing for my store?

We do not provide marketing or traffic services. Store owners are responsible for their own store marketing and advertising. We let the store owners pick their strategies to engage more sales online. 

Will Brandafy set up the Terms and Conditions for my store?

We provide templates for Terms and Conditions for your store. You can change or customize it after you have received your store.

Can I add my own products to my store?

Yes you can add as many products as you want once you have your store.