We are finishing the year, and it was certainly a year like no other for many reasons. Today we will go into detail about the different trends and numbers of the mobile apps market. Was 2020 a good year?

2020: A Special Year

We all started this year with renewed energy and a desire to grow in business and personal projects.

Surely many of you were able to achieve this, but with an adaptation that we had not lived before. There are also people who didn’t have a great time and had to reinvent themselves in order to grow up in a difficult context.

2020 surprised us with a pandemic, something for which we were not very prepared and which we did not imagine even in the worst case.

The ability of the world to adapt to difficult contexts was put into play, people around the world had to stay for moments in their homes and take care of their families.

But there are many factors that helped overcome this situation, and we believe that the most important of them was the digital revolution that has been taking place in recent times throughout the world.